2nd Annual PODEMOS Charity Golf Tournament

Saturday, April 29th at 12:00pm at the Safari Golf Club in Powell. We would love to have your support! We are looking for players and sponsors. All proceeds from this event will go towards essential medications and supplies for our patients. Please visit http://podemosu.myevent.com/ for more information on how to sign up or donate.

Our mission

We provide lasting medical care to underserved communities in Honduras

and educate future leaders in global health.

We are a Honduran and U.S. based healthcare team of professionals and students committed to providing quality long-term care to villages around El Progreso, Honduras. These communities often suffer from extremely high rates of poverty, malnutrition, and poor access to healthcare. Combating these challenges requires much more than a short-term mission. That’s why our full team visits the same patients every six months and our Honduran team led by our head nurse Neri tracks patient progress and needs every month.

This consistent attention to patient care not only results in better outcomes for our patients but also provides constant feedback to our team about what interventions aren’t working.  Through this structure our global health students learn that providing care in low-resource settings requires a long-term commitment and readiness to adapt to new challenges.