About Us

About Us


PODEMOS began as a student initiative in the summer of 2008. It was pioneered by four students from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and a law student from the Moritz College of Law. Following a community needs assessment emphasizing epidemiology and the availability of medical resources, PODEMOS identified three medically underserved communities with which to build a sustainable partnership. This initial dialogue cemented the foundation for friendship and trust between the students and their future patients.

PODEMOS returned to El Progreso in the winter of 2008 with a physician and team of medical students to establish its first clinical intervention. During their first trip, 300 patients were cared for. Following this initial success, PODEMOS expanded to include pharmacy, dental and nurse practitioner students in biannual medical mission trips. Over the years the students, physician and nurse practitioner partners have worked to develop a medical record system and sustainable chronic care program. Currently, each mission trip treats 700-900 patients under the care of 5-6 providers and 15-20 students. As of our summer 2016 trip, we have also partnered with physical therapists to add to our multidisciplinary approach towards treating our patients.
PODEMOS has been recognized as a nonprofit charitable organization by the Internal Revenue Service and has 501c3 tax-exempt status


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