Local Partners

Dr. Napoleon Galo

Dr. Napoleon Galo is a local physician in El Progreso, became involved with PODEMOS in 2008 and has overseen the trips with a supportive role, serving as a liaison between the Honduran Medical Association and PODEMOS. He has been an important link between PODEMOS and the local medical community, and he often takes in patients that require more extensive care from the PODEMOS clinics and refers them to specialists in the El Progreso/San Pedro Sula area if needed. Dr. Galo has made it a tradition to invite the trip members for dinner at his house, and the trip members get to enjoy delicious Honduran food and listen and dance to local music. Trip members have also been featured in Dr. Galo’s TV Show “Health Advice”, where the trip members get a chance to introduce themselves and talk about their experiences and work in Honduras to a national Honduran audience.

Neri Elizabeth Canelo Bonilla

Neri Canelo is a local nurse in El Progreso, Honduras. In 2011, Neri took on a key role as the in-country Director of the Chronic Care program. With her guidance, we were able to form long-term partnerships with local communities in need of improved health care access. Neri works on the front lines of our health care delivery program, following up with patients on a monthly basis and coordinating brigade-specific details. Outside of PODEMOS, Neri works as a licensed nurse in the surgery unit of the local hospital. During each brigade trip, Neri and her family host the PODEMOS team for a night of traditional Honduran cuisine, music, and dancing.

Ana Elizabeth Moncada Bardalez

Ana Moncada is a local pre-school teacher. In December 2014, Ana became involved with PODEMOS as a translator for the Chronic care clinic station. She is an instrumental member of our Chronic Care team, serving as In-Country Liaison and providing follow-up care for Insulin patients.